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Kawasaki marunaka tj35e

€390.00 EUR


Double Handled
KAR (Kawasaki Advanced Recoil) easy start system
Long running time on a single tank of fuel
Low noise output and low vibration
Nylon line cutter and steel cutting blades included as standard

Technical specifications

Air filter - Dry type (foam)
Bearing of shaft - 7-plane
Cutter blade - 3-blade
Cutter nylon - Manual
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) - 1833 x 680 x 450
Displacement (cm³) - 34.4
Drive shaft diameter (mm) - 8
Dry weight (kg) - 7.2
Fuel - 2-stroke pre-mix (ratio 50:1)
Fuel consumption (g/Kw/hr) - 480
Fuel tank capacity (l) - 0.7
Guard - Standard size
Handle - Double
Harness - Full
Rotation - Counter clockwise
Starter - Recoil starter with KAR

Categories Strimmers , Kawasaki Strimmers

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